3 simple steps to purchase online safely

 Step 1: Choose a reputable website

This is the first step and also the most important step in deciding whether you can buy quality products at reasonable prices. Currently, there is a rampant spread of real and fake websites and reputable websites are not lacking.

Therefore, you must be very careful when choosing your own shopping website.

You need to carefully check the URL of the sales website before making a transaction, make sure you are on the correct address.

Because nowadays, a lot of scam sites intentionally take the same name as reputable sites like Ebay, Amazon… Usually they only differ by a letter, if not noticed, it will easily be confused.

Another way to check if the website is reputable is to type the website name online, see the feedback of previous buyers or you go to famous forums to ask the experience of people who have bought like that. And reputable websites often have very clear communication and full management agency.

Step 2: Find out product information carefully

One downside of buying online is that the buyer cannot hold and grasp the main product, so before deciding to buy, you must look at the product information provided by the seller carefully, pay attention to whether it is smallest details.

If you feel that the information on the website is not enough for you, you can call the salesperson directly to find out some information related to the product that may not be updated online.

You should only buy when you really feel satisfied with the information and the product is suitable for you. One thing you need to pay attention to is that when these products have promotions, you should also consider the risk of buying poor quality, do not go cheap but buy a lot.

Before making a purchase decision you must be extra careful about additional costs such as shipping costs, because in many cases, the purchase is extremely cheap but the delivery cost is close to the value of the product. Check carefully or you pick up the phone and the phone asks when you are not sure about these charges.

Step 3: Choose payment method

There are many ways for shoppers to pay the seller for his money. The first is to pay directly to the delivery person immediately after receiving the goods, this way called money giving porridge ladle, you are completely assured with this payment method.

Second, payment via card, payment via card is increasingly being used by more and more people because of its safety, speed, and convenience, but this method requires the buyer to pay first before receiving the goods. So to avoid risk when transferring money you should keep the invoice.