4 popular Chinese shopping apps

With the development of technology in recent years, e-commerce sites have grown strongly, promoting trade on a worldwide scale.

China is considered as the factory of the whole world with the plentiful and plentiful source of goods, Chinese goods appear everywhere in the world. Since then, Chinese e-commerce sites and shopping apps have been promoted by technology firms to best support the trade of goods. Here are the 4 most popular Chinese online shopping apps for you wishing to shop or import goods for business purposes.

1. Taobao

Taobao is a Chinese shopping app founded in 2003 by Alibaba Group. So far, taobao has nearly 600 million users, with sales of up to 1 billion products. Taobao operates on the C2C model, providing products and services between individuals. With its easy-to-use interface and simple registration process, Taobao is one of the most popular Chinese shopping apps today. You can also find very rare products at the taobao app.

Many people around the world prefer taobao because the product price here is quite cheap, with a variety of designs or great discounts. However, the limitation when using the Taobao purchase app is that although some international cards are supported, taobao transactions still have to be done through the Alipay intermediary bank. This bank requires transaction information authentication, so it is relatively complicated for foreigners.

2. 1688

Developed by Alibaba Group, 1688 serves as an e-commerce site that connects B2B between businesses and B2C between businesses and consumers. This is the best Chinese shopping app if you are looking to import wholesale products, the source here is similar to taobao but especially cheaper if you buy in bulk, sometimes only 5-7 products already available.

1688 is a Chinese domestic purchase application, so the interface is only in Chinese, you need to use a translation tool or ask someone who knows Chinese to buy goods for you. Also because it is a website developed for Chinese people, 1688 does not accept payment with international cards but only through Alipay bank.

3. Tmall

With the B2C or C2C operating model similar to taobao, the quality of goods on Tmall is better assessed. Products on Tmall will be strictly censored in terms of papers, origin, avoid mixing of poor quality and fake goods above. The Tmall Chinese purchase application is very trusted because it is a branded item but the resale price is cheaper than buying directly at genuine stores. There are full of big brands above from Adidas, Nike, Zara, H&M, etc.

If your business model places customers on middle and high-end products, Tmall is a Chinese online shopping app that cannot be ignored. Tmall is an international shopping app, so it supports payment by Visa / Master cards and also has worldwide shipping service.

4. Alibaba

Alibaba is a Chinese shopping software developed by Alibaba Group. It works on the B2B model to connect businesses globally. At Alibaba, you will find a wide variety of goods such as fashion, consumer goods, electronics – technology, home appliances, etc. in many famous manufacturers around the world. world. If you want to import bulk goods, you cannot ignore the Chinese shopping app Alibaba. When ordering, you can download the mobile app and choose a one-time or all-out payment method. Alibaba supports various forms of payment such as international credit cards, PayPal, Western Union, etc. when purchasing goods.