A reputable Japanese online shopping website

Now, the purchase of Japanese goods by consumers in the world, in general, has become much easier and faster.

You just need to equip yourself with an Internet-connected device such as a computer, smartphone, laptop and perform a few simple mouse clicks at home to easily own any item you love. via leading Japanese e-commerce sites.

Here are the top 5 online shopping websites in Japan, you can immediately start searching for your favorite goods and quickly own them!

1. Amazon Japan

When it comes to buying Japanese goods online, Amazon Japan must first be mentioned with the website Amazon.co.jp, this is the website that Amazon dedicated to the Japanese market is extremely developed. You can find any item you need at Amazon Japan, because this is considered a huge online shopping market with a variety of products. Amazon goods are safe, good quality, and Amazon’s customer care policies are also a plus for consumers to buy Japanese goods online at Amazon.co.jp.

2. Rakuten Japan

Rakuten is considered a Japanese hypermarket with a multitude of different industries chosen by many retailers and customers. With a variety of items in every field such as fashion, consumer electronics, entertainment, you can find any item you need. In particular, the good news and quite interesting for fashionistas, is the acquisition of technology company Fits.me that helped Rakuten create a virtual fitting room without any e-commerce website can do it. With this interesting application, you only need to enter some information such as height, weight, shoulder width and age, the result will be a model with the same measurement in the costume you have chosen. select, from which you can freely experience the feeling of shopping as real as well as easier in choosing the right outfit for you.

3. Kakaku.com

If you are looking for Japanese electronics buying websites such as fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, and digital devices, Kakaku is the top reputable website you should not ignore. Kakaku is a famous and accurate price comparison website famous in Japan. Just type the model of the item to be purchased in the search box of Kakaku.com, you will see the products with listed prices from low to high. If you are not good at Japanese, that’s okay, just look at the list to get an idea of ​​how much the item you want to buy is.

4. Zozo.jp

Zozo.jp is a reputable Japanese online shopping website that specializes in high-end fashion trends of the country of cherry blossoms, and if you are a Japanese fashion fan, you cannot ignore this Zozo page. Currently, Zozo has more than 1,600 suppliers, 3.6 million registered customers, and millions of current customers from other countries. Coming to Zozo, you can buy yourself unique, dynamic fashion products, create a strong identity in the market and many special discount promotions to help you save a lot when shopping at Zozo.

5. Nissen.co.jp

Nissen is a famous Japanese fashion brand, in contrast to Zozo.jp specializing in providing high-end fashion items, Nissen.co.jp specializes in fashion items at affordable prices, quality and price. Suitable for your pocket, fashion items here always follow the latest trends, but not too expensive, affordable.