Hi! My name is Jaime and I am a Little Saver.

I live in the wonderful land of the 253 (or Pierce County) in Graham, WA with my husband and 4 kids, where we are just trying to tear off our piece of the EXPENSIVE American Pie.

My hubby and I were ‘Braves’ at the local high school and always were great friends after school, but not the traditional high school sweethearts. He was a Dad with 2 little kids on his own I was a Gal with No little kids on my own ….. and then the four of us got married in August of 2006.

Not only is he a GREAT father, my husband is a hard worker and a just around awesome guy. Oh Yea, he is an awesome guitar player and I do really just adore him to death (it is in our vows).

I originally went to a small technical college to be a mechanic almost 13 years ago. I have also trained to be a welder, medical assistant, a bartender, and finally a School Bus Driver.

After realizing that daycare was NOT in our budget anymore, we had to figure out a way to raise a crazy awesome bunch of really smart kids on a slimmer and slimmer budget.

Couponing is really how my blogging adventure began and I owe much tribute to both them (because they just rock) and the large coupon blog that took on this tiny little blogger, Coupon Connections, almost two years ago as a newb VA.

It was a great learning experience and it eventually drove me into doing more techy things, like on my other blog, The Blogger Wrench.

Since then, I have focused on a much cleaner, healthier way of frugal life (that can be a bit more difficult to achieve, but it is totally do-able)!

We do still use coupons but we tend find more savings in frugal living and DIY projects.

I am known for coming up with some great, but extreme recipes, but lately we have been fixating on the organic, less frilly ones. I love to share them all, so here is a taste, so to speak.

I have a Recipe Page too, if you want to go see some more.

When it comes to achieving the POSH life, on a budget, that is one I have mastered with frugality in mind!

I regularly finish projects that seemed impossible and way too expensive for our lifestyle, with a little bit of thrift and a whole lot of ingenuity.


Go to my diy page to see some of the awesome I have created with DIY on NO Dime

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