Buy online in France and what you need to know

French products are always highly appreciated by consumers for quality, durability, sophistication, and present in each product.

Consumers in the world now have more choices of quality products from countries around the world such as France, Japan, USA…

You can easily own genuine products from France through reputable shopping websites in France.

To proceed with buying French online you need to prepare?

  • Address receiving goods in France (because many websites in France do not support direct shipping to some countries)
  • An international payment card is available for purchase
  • Experienced international purchasing, choosing reputable sellers
  • Step how to register to create an account, add the shipping address in France
  • The language needed to learn product information (you can also use google translate to easily read the status of the product to buy)

Reputable general shopping website in France:

France Amazon

Amazon is one of the multinational e-commerce companies, headquartered in the US, systematic around the world such as France, England, Japan, Germany …

Amazon website, the leading ecommerce site in France, you can search for anything from fashion, accessories, electronics to high-value items, technology goods, watches, jewelry…


Note: There are 3 basic types of merchandise on the French Amazon website

  • Ship and sold by Amazon: Amazon products are in the Amazon warehouse: this type is the most guaranteed.
  • OldSold by XXX and Fulfilled by Amazon: Sold by XXX is an individual or a store, but the goods are in Amazon’s warehouse (almost like a deposit): this type is quite secure.
  • Ships from and sold by XXX: Sell and ship by XXX; This type of risk can be sought, should carefully assess the seller. And this option often takes additional domestic ship money.

So you need to find out the product information, the seller to buy the item you like with the best price.

3suisses website

A reputable general shopping site of France, you can find to buy from Men / Women / Kids fashion items to furniture, household appliances such as bedding, cushions… This website often has chapters. discount program for customers, so if you shop on big sales you can save a lot more cost.

Website Eram

Specializing in selling fashion items and accessories for Men/Women/Kids with lots of new items that are constantly updated, sale programs are also regularly sent to customers by customers, the sale rate can be from 50 -70%.


Website Showroomprive

The website sells a lot of different items: fashion, accessories, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, functional foods with an easy-to-see, user-friendly interface, you can Easily choose for yourself the items via the search list right on the website.