The “Yellow Jackets” Movement Makes The Majority Of French People To Change Shopping Habits

The result in an opinion poll by the OpinionWay – Perifem announced on December 5 shows that 56% of French people have changed or will change their shopping habits due to the impact of the “yellow jackets” movement. Violence and looting erupted in many demonstrations of the “yellow jackets” movement, culminating in the Centre of…

#resolutionsolution | Favado is helping you meet that Goal with a $50 Visa Gift-Card Giveaway

In case you are new, I love Favado. I love that I could easily explain how to use this wonderful grocery savings app to my totally non-tech mom, and she actually liked it. Instead of the usual, “Oh yes, I will use this” I got “Ooooh look at all the easy deals!!” is what I

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I found another FREE Deal!   Grab this Larabar Alternative Sweepstakes, now before they are all gone!     Larabar Alternative Sweepstakes   Enter for the chance to win a prize in the Larabar Alternative Sweepstakes. Prizes include a Felt bicycle, tote ALT bag, or boxes of ALT. Sweepstakes ends January 31st.

Giveaway Winner: The Blurb Facebook Photobook Giveaway Winner

Oh MY, I forgot to post the Winner to The Blurb Facebook Photobook Giveaway, I can not belive how much of a dummy I am. I am currently recuperating from my super crazy weekend.  Well, crazy 2 weeks would be more precise. Getting the kids ready for school, mad dash bathroom remodel, 10 y/o birthday party and