DIY Paper-Floor Project

Another Disclaimer: I totally did not think of this on my own.

I have been paper-macheing things for ages. I saw a bit on This Old House, or something even earlier about using tissue paper on your walls, which I have totally mastered and done in a bunch of rooms in my house.

But I had the usual broke home DIY‘er’s problem, what to do with the ever disgusting floor?

Sorry I am not including a pic of the carpet before I crazily ripped it out. First, because it was so putrid after years of my little brothers and then a few roommates that I rented out to years ago. There was no saving it. Secondly, because I didn’t even take one, lol.

Anyways, had to go on with life and earn a small living in my self-remodeled office. It was kind of the unspoken deal my hubby and I made, when I said “Guess what family, I am going to be a blogger!! No awkward instance will be left un-posted about”  But really, I just had to finish this floor, CHEAP.

I went rooting around at the usual stores, LO Depot and such, but I knew their bottom line and it was no where near mine. I was at like $.10-.20 and they are like 10x that for the same square foot.

Then someone in a frugal facebook group recommended the paper method. That DIY Girl in me just went a digging. I searched the big ole’ internet and found one awesome paper floor tutorial on Lovely Crafty Home, that I followed a couple of her tips and tricks, but for the most part I just winged it, like I do every project.

I present to you my DIY Paper Floor Project

I used brown crate paper that I picked up over at Lowes. It was around $11 and super freaking heavy.

I used the thickest I could find to give it more texture. The thinner paper may also rip and that is okay if you want it, but sucks when you don’t.

I also used plain school glue, just like she recommended, but one thing I will recommend is that you use that exact same glue each time, because they will dry differently and may be darker or lighter.

I like to use a paint brush apply both the glue and later the Polyurethane. Most will say use a foam brush, but it will probably break off little bits. I recommend a higher quality brush that is kind of firm.

Do you need some visual methods to copy?

Check out my quick video below: (I am not great at making videos, so don’t laugh)

In case you didn’t watch my super awesome video, you will want to make sure you rip up the paper in larger pieces, but crazy large. I like to make sure all the edges are polygon-like and then I crumble it up for even more of a textured look.

After that has dried overnight, I put down a coat of polyurathine. Most buy expensive equiptment to spread it evenly with out getting near it, and some people would even concider using a stain before polying it, but like I said I want this done!!

So here is my final product (as of this moment). I did plan on doing more coats of poly, but personally I stopped giving a damn about quality in this house.

It is a crappy issue it itself and no reason for you not to go on with the 3rd and 4th coats of Poly.

Really. This is a trailer here. Others have referred to it as polishing a turd, but I have had to make this crappy house our home and will only need to for a few more months. Hence, the I don’t give a flip attitude about it. I do like to work and do yoga in a half way decent area and this is totally working for me.

Have you done any flooring like this?

What kind of crazy cheap DIY projects are you doing in your fancy pad?

I love to hear about it!