Emergency Resources for The Pacific Northwest

Well if you are anything like me, sitting in an overly packed waiting room to get your meal card is not very ideal to anyone who has worked hard to earn a living and establish themselves.

It is pretty much degrading.

You feel judging eyes, making deductions about your failures and your lifestyles. There was a time, however, that my family has been there. I am not proud of it, but at that particular moment in my family’s life it added food money where there was none. We went in with the mind sense that we were getting temporary assistance and that is what we got.

Growing up in a low-income area, on assistance has hardened me into a person who despised the government welfare system. I am just not in love with the idea of asking for help or a hand out, especially in a situation where you cannot repay, like most assistance programs.

I have seen too many people take compete and utter advantage of it.

I know the people who these programs were designed for, and believe me, that is the reason my family donates so much now. However, most of the people who use these programs now are not who they were designed for. I know there are many more people, many more children that could use those funds so much more than my family; so how could we take assets that we can actually still obtain ourselves?

Maybe it is that I am too proud, maybe it is that I feel that we should all take accountability and responsibility for ourselves and then hopefully we can trickle down some of the morals, ideas and wealth we have earned. These are, of course, my opinions and hope you make your own!

With that said…. I know it is still a tough world out there, and we all need a little help sometimes. So that is why I started this page section. Because with a little guidance, he learned to fish, then to build and eventually to prosper.