Guide to deposit and withdraw betting at bet365

How to fund bet365 and how to withdraw from bet365? The following article will guide you in detail.

If you don’t know, bet365 is currently considered the No.1 in the online betting world. Therefore, we always advise you to choose this house when you want to participate in betting.

Use Skrill to deposit/withdraw betting

To bet at a European bookie like bet365, you need to use an electronic wallet. And Skrill is the leader in betting.

You may wonder why you need to use an e-wallet without direct deposit with a card or bank. The reason for this is because some countries’ cards are blocked from sending money to betting sites, and bank transfers are not feasible.


Advantages of betting on Skrill e-wallet:

– Loading/withdrawing betting by Skrill wallet is processed automatically, instantly. You do not need to wait or notify anyone to get balance updates.

– For Skrill is an intermediary payment method with security and absolute safety. You won’t have to deal with live trading on your bank account like you do at Asian bookies. Saying anything, it also has potential risks.

– Buying and selling in Skrill wallet is easy. Currently there are many reputable electronic money dealers. When you need to deposit your bet, you transfer the money to them and receive money in Skrill wallet (takes 1 minute). The winnings when withdrawing to Skrill wallet, you can withdraw the bank or sell to the dealer (it takes 1 minute).

How to fund bet365

Here are the steps to fund bet365 with Skrill wallet:

– First, you need to prepare money in Skrill’s wallet. You can buy from a giangbinhthuan agent – a long and reputable Skrill sales service, or find other Skrill dealers here.

–  Go to bet365 and log in to your account. Then press Deposit (in the upper right corner) to top up.


–  At the deposit page, select the deposit method as Skrill and fill in as directed in the picture:

–  Bet365 will transfer you to Skrill’s payment gateway. There log in to your Skrill wallet and complete the transaction. The deposit will be updated to your betting account now.

Before recharging, don’t forget to reference the existing bet365 promotions.

How to withdraw money from bet365

Before the first withdrawal, you need to verify the bet365 account according to the instructions here.

After the account has verified, you can withdraw money from bet365 to Skrill wallet according to the following instructions:

– Log in to bet365 account. Then click Withdraw (in the upper right corner).


– On the withdrawal page, you only need to fill in the withdrawal amount and your bet365 account password. In addition there is no need to fill in any other information. Bet365 will automatically send money to the e-wallet you used when making a deposit (usually only takes a few hours).

– When money comes to Skrill’s wallet, you can sell it to agents or withdraw to your bank account.