Jean-Button Fix

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Rivet done wore off. These favorite pair of jeans seem doomed… You need a DIY Jean Button Fix !

The thing that really urrks me is that I have lost a ton of weight and my button still keeps popping off!

What the problem usually is the rivet breaks and there is a giant hole in the former pant-holder-upper. (compete technical term).

If you have ever just sewed a random button you found in the laundry room on to your injured jeans, then you know that is exactly what it looks like. A poor little patch, that will probably never fit the hole correctly and will make you look like you may have borrowed your grandma’s mid-belly kickers.

Oh well, this is now how I fixed it.

The key is thick thread or looping it over and over, again. I have used thin twine or fishing line before, also.

Oh yes! A super pretty or fancy glass button, like the one I used will make these so (SO) trendy.  There are millions out there to choose from, so make those jeans ‘Designed by You’.

I like to make sure it won’t slip through the rivet hole, so I will take it along with me to the bead store and match it up.

Thanks for checking my little fix out!

I hope this helps you get every dollar out of those super fave jeans, with out spending an arm and an leg to fix them!

You can see this Jean Button Fix and other pins I have done on Pinterest!