Learn to Save

Hello and Welcome!

I am very glad you made it here.  I know it takes that “moment” in your life to push you to completely relearning how to shop because you need to learn to save some money, immediately .

That is how you really save tons of money with coupons. You must completely start from the ground up and really dissect what you buy, why you buy it and how much do you normally spend on it .

First, start by learning some of these common Coupon Acronyms, because you will find them used all over the blog-o-sphere, especially in forums and facebook groups.

Then, become familiar with using the Coupon Database, it will help you find printable coupons that are available and coupons that are not in your local inserts.

Download the Favado App for Super Easy Access to Match Ups and Deals

Don’t over whelm yourself with millions of lists!

Use this awesome app to manage all the deals. I call Favado my coupon assistant in this more informative post.

Organize those Coupons


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