On the Farm

From the Farm – CSA, Co-op, Online Bulk and More

Terra Organic

Our family is a huge CSA fan. We love the idea of healthy, organic produce packaged up and then going directly into our hands. You really have no idea.

We also love how we are investing into a farm, to help ensure they make money this season, to ensure a next season.

We love visiting the farm each week and seeing the changes during the different seasons.

We can not wait each week to rip that box open and see what kind of treasures can be in there. We do know ahead of time and can change them, but it is exciting and almost a test to see what kinds of things you can come up with each week.

Go learn more about Terra Organic and sign up. You will love me for it

Zaycon Foods

 Buying it bulk save you money, you already know this!

Buying and storing 40lbs of chicken at a time not only helps you budget for tons of dinners, it helps you use a lot of creativity to create them.

You will be prepping them, just like on the farm…but those skills are more valuable than gold.

Zaycon Foods offer much more than chicken and are most likely making a stop near you soon, so get signed up!