Franz Printable Coupon

Looking for a deal on a loaf of Healthy and Delicious Bread? Franz  is offering a limited-print, high value coupon that is available for use on ANY of their bomb bread. I do say that full-heartedly and slightly juvenile, because I love their bread so (SO) so much and it makes me feel nostalgic when

New #Favadoapp Sign In – Save Lists, Save Time and Save Money (sweet)

So I do have to admit, not being able to sign in and save my lists was a huge pet peeve….no, let me re-phrase that, a huge irritant.  I would get done with a super awesome list, tons of organic and freebie deals for instance, among all of my favorite stores. Then I would make

Jean-Button Fix

Has This Ever Happened to You? Rivet done wore off. These favorite pair of jeans seem doomed… You need a DIY Jean Button Fix ! The thing that really urrks me is that I have lost a ton of weight and my button still keeps popping off! What the problem usually is the rivet breaks and there is a giant…