Suffering Shopping Online In China: Not Yet Finished Goods Selection Met 4000 Fake Shopping Applications

To prepare for one of the world’s largest online shopping – Single’s Day, the Chinese online security firm 360 Security Brain discovered about 4000 fake shopping apps have been downloaded in more than 300,000 mobile devices in October.

Most of us have experienced the feeling even worse when purchased goods not true with advertising from the ecommerce platform. According to a recent report in China, many thousands of people have downloaded and used to fake shopping application. Normally buy phony goods must have annoyed, now also losing money without anything.

Similar to counterfeiting, counterfeit Gucci and Armani, the fake shopping application version include Taobao, Pinduoduo and JD… already downloaded all over the country. According to reports of the Double 11 Online Shopping Security Ecosystem, the imitation Taobao app installed on 170,000 smartphones in the year 2018.

Nỗi khổ mua sắm online ở Trung Quốc: Chưa chọn hàng xong đã gặp 4000 ứng dụng shopping giả mạo - Ảnh 1.

Most of the fake shopping application based on famous applications. They have the same original application interface, the other just a bit in the name when searching. To date, the authorities in China still have not found the source of the storm this fake application. However, the danger that they bring similar phishing website – potentially also malicious code, virus, the risk of losing money. account, bank card information …

Back to 8/2018, Apple has purged the App Store because area contains 25,000 applications playing the lottery as well as bluffing. 360 Security Brain also reported a number of scams related to Single’s Day-instead of fooling the user click on the link to transfer the money, they entice by promising, high-value gift voucher… but must transfer advance deposit.

Nỗi khổ mua sắm online ở Trung Quốc: Chưa chọn hàng xong đã gặp 4000 ứng dụng shopping giả mạo - Ảnh 2.

Also because the “deal” to deal within the framework of Single’s Day a staggering application users, shopping tends to buy fast shopping rush, making them as easy to fall into the trap of the scammers. According to the report analyze data collected by Hunet 360 and online security of the Beijing police, from September to October this year, there have been 127 victims were cheated of money, total damage amounted to 1.15 million Yuan.

We often said that only the older generation entangled easy new is the trick like this. However, the Y generation (born in 1990) in China is the largest victim group. The reason behind is closely related to the transactions in the online game.