The risks often faced by online shoppers

According to the Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection, consumers become victims in many cases of online purchases and sales.

Specifically, the user may encounter situations such as: The received goods are not the same as the advertisement, incorrect information about the origin of goods, wrong price information. Besides, online shoppers may also encounter situations where sellers do not provide invoices, delivery lack of promotional goods, delivery is damaged but not withdrawn, delivery is slow, order cancellation without reason.

In particular, online shoppers may also face risks from fraudulent organizations and individuals. Consumers only communicate by phone or through social networking sites. When the payment is completed, the consumer does not receive the item or receive the goods completely different from the advertised. “There have been cases where a customer bought a phone via social media but received a box of a brick. It is noteworthy that after making the delivery, the seller immediately blocked the buyer’s phone and Facebook. When a large number of consumers complained or regulators stepped in, the seller immediately removed their phone numbers, Facebook accounts”, said the representative of the consumer protection agency.

From the above fact, we recommend that you buy at reputable websites that are licensed to operate, with clear contact information (address, phone number, tax code), carefully learn about the site’s terms and conditions. At the same time, be wary of requests for information from strange websites because these could be sites that use consumer information against the law, annoy consumers or even stealing consumer financial information.

In addition, notifications of winning coupons used to buy company products should also be vigilant. Accordingly, the coupon is usually smaller than the value of the product, consumers have to spend an extra amount. However, when receiving the goods, the product is usually of a lower value than the amount the consumer has spent, so be careful before paying taxes and fees to receive the winning product.