threadUP | Up to 80% Off Practically New Clothing

So you thought of trying this whole cheap used clothes shipped online, but you have had some reserve.. I get it.

I know where you are coming from. It seems like a very close step away from thrift store or garage sale shopping (not that I am bashing on that, it just has it’s negative side, sometimes). But threadUP is different.

It is like a consignment store online.

Consignment store meaning there are very picky, or I mean have certain standards for the items that they take, so in turn the items are in similar fashion.

Another thought I bet is going through your head is they have got to be outrageous.

I have been thrift and g-sale hopping for years.  I also frequent many online rummage sales and let me just say this….things are expensive EVERYWHERE! You just have to continue to find the deal and a lot of the items on their site are totally in my ‘Ok, I’ll throw $3 down for that’ kind of item.

Another great reason I like threadUP is because they have the option to send in some of the mountains of clothing we have building up here from having four excessively growing kids.

Sure I can do what I have done for year and sell them online or what not, but believe me, after all the work that is involved, that looses its glimmer real quick.

So if your are now ready to give it shot, you can sign up under my referral link here and get a $10 credit to get you started (and I make a 10 spot as well)!

Added Bonus: