Top 5 Prestigious And Reliable Websites For Japanese Online Shopping

We have made a list of Japanese online shopping website that are most prestigious and reliable and be received trust from worldwide customers. If you do not any place where you can buy Japanese products, let access and shop online at 5 most prestigious sites below.

1. Rakuten

Rakuten is a Japanese shopping website applied the e-commerce pioneer in Japan. Rakuten is evaluated on par with Alibaba of Jack Ma, although never applied communication marketing. In addition, with accumulated points for the Japanese free online purchases also help Rakuten to attract customers including domestic and foreign.

Rakuten - Website mua hàng Nhật Online

Rakuten is very good at capturing the Japanese buying demand from domestic customers to go abroad. Moreover, it always enriches the traded goods: appliances, stationery, fashion, electronics, entertainment,… On Rakuten has about 35,000 Japanese shoppers every day. Rakuten has approximately 47 million domestic customers buying Japanese online, accounting for 40% of Japan’s population.

2. Japanese Amazon

The second place is Japanese Amazaon website. You can also find out any items you need, which bear the label “Made in Japan” here.

Amazon Japan - Website mua hàng Nhật online

Amazon currently has spread availability and expanded of branches on many countries, including Japan. Japanese Amazon online shopping website is opened exclusively to provide Japanese items. The customer caring policy is also a plus point to help you safe when shopping at Amazon.


Zozoton - Website mua hàng Nhật online

If you are a devotee of Japanese fashion, you are not to be missed Zozo. This is a Japanese online shopping website specialized in leading fashion trend of the country of cherry blossoms. Currently, Zozo has provided hundreds of thousands of models of clothes, from more than 1600 vendors. On the website of Japanese purchases Zozo has about 3.6 million loyal customers, and millions of transactional clients from other countries. As a Japanese fashion devotee should not ignore this website.

4. Nissen

Nissen - Website mua hàng Nhật online

In contrast to the specialized in high fashion items, following the trend, then Nissen specialized in popular fashion items with affordable price. This is a famous fashion brand in Japan, the quality and price are both fit your budget. Fashion items of Nissen are also n suitable for trend, following the latest trend, but the price is reasonable, not too expensive, whether you purchase online and ship to another country.

5. Kakaku

Kakaku - Website mua hàng Nhật online

Electronics, technology are also items that are favored by people around the world especially in some developed countries. Customers are very favorite with the Japanese electronic goods from a fan, air conditioning, refrigerator, to digital devices. And if you need to find the website of Japanese purchases of electronics then the Kakaku is really a prestigious address for you.