Why do Americans like online shopping?

If online shopping in some poor countries tends to be spontaneous, free retailing or just for the convenience of those who are afraid to buy things, online shopping is a big industry in the US.

Because the geographic structure in the US is populated by neighborhoods and schools, stores, companies, and residential areas, so except for those who live in downtown or living in urban in general, the remainder of the population living concentrated in suburban and remote often have few opportunities to “glide” through shops or shopping streets.

You live in suburban (the road is full of highway, freeway, jungle) whenever you want to go shopping, you have to take a car about 20-30 minutes to go to a shopping center, but if there are no cars, they will die and sit at home or take public transportation for about an hour and a half to arrive.

Because the US is so large and has many states, there are many brands that only have agents in certain regions, such as Mango only in California, Topshop only in Chicago – NYC. Because of these geographical obstacles, online shopping has become an extremely convenient form of shopping for people in general and for shopping/fashion junkies in particular. When you first come to the United States, you will be skeptical because you will buy clothes or shoes. You had to try them right away, but you waited for a week or two to come, then you didn’t like it at that time, or didn’t fit, or didn’t. How beautiful as in the picture. But the “do not know is as shown in the picture” is an interesting element to attract online shoppers.

Online shopping in the US is so popular that many girls prefer to open the laptop to see and choose things rather than invite friends to the shopping mall. Professional shoppers are those who just need to look at the introduction image to know if they are suitable or not, choose the size and color will be highest safe.

Some carriers have free shipping at cost, others apply this mechanism according to the number of items that customers order. There are also companies that are willing to give you free shipping even if you only buy one item.